Best Wrist Wraps For Olympic Weightlifting

If you’re a weightlifter that’s planning on competing within the Olympics (or simply want to train at that level) then there’s one thing that you’ll need to make sure you’re armed with - a reliable pair of wrist wraps! 

Wrist wraps are handy (get it?) piece of equipment that will ensure that you have the proper wrist support while lifting, regardless of whether you are training or competing. In addition to that, they’re also worn to help improve grip and alleviate pressure when performing heavy lifts, which is why they’re allowed to be worn in the Olympics. 

However, with the vast amount of options available on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start, or even how to decipher the best from the rest.

If you purchase a pair of wrist wraps that are unable to offer you the necessary support needed to carry out Olympic lifts, not only will your performance be impacted, but you’ll also be running the risk of an injury.

Luckily for you, we’ve been hard at work to find the best wrist wraps currently available to buy that are suitable for use at an Olympic weightlifting level. Below, you’ll find an in-depth review of each one (including pros and cons) as well as a helpful buying guide area that will ensure you make the best choice for you.

So, ready to find the newest addition to your lifting bag? Read on! 


If you’re on the search for the best pair of wrist wraps suited to Olympic weightlifting, look no further than our best overall choice - the GymReapers Strength Wrist Wraps for Olympic Lifting. 

Ensuring that you’ll be able to kiss goodbye irritating athletic tape and wrist strain for good, the Gymreapers Strength Wrist Straps are just the ticket for those wanting to unlock their lifting abilities and train with support and stability.

Featuring a durable design that has been specifically made with strength in mind, many users report being able to noticeably feel a difference in support and comfort while wearing these wraps, which allows them to lift with complete confidence across snatching, push presses, and even power cleaning.

They’re available in multiple different colorways such as blue, camouflage, and pink, and are even suitable for both men and women. Plus, ideal for lifters of all levels, these wrist wraps are super easy to put on and can be adjusted for a tailored and customized fit. 

Plus, in addition to all that, one of the best features of these wrist wraps is their versatility. Not only are they suitable for Olympic lifting, but they can also be used for heavy clean and jerks training, muscle-ups, or even toes to bar. This makes them excellent value for money, and a great addition to anyone’s training bag.


  • Durable and strong - the rugged design of these wrist wraps is perfectly capable of meeting the demands of Olympic lifting.
  • Evenly distribute the weight - the design of these wraps will evenly distribute weight across the entirety of your hand, in order to rescue the chances of any strain or injuries.


  • Skull design - may not be to everyone’s taste.


If you’ve heard about the benefits of leather wrist wraps over the traditional fabric types, then we recommend checking out the Stoic Olympic Lifting Wrist Straps.

Made entirely of real leather, the Stoic Olympic Lifting Wrist Wraps are really quick and simple to set up and wear, that is, once you’ve gotten the hang of them!

Unlike traditional wrist wraps, to use this pair you will need to feet the dangly end around the bar, twist it to tighten, and then you’ll be ready to begin lifting.

Unlike other types of wrist wraps, the Stoic Olympic Lifting Wrist Wraps will be able to help build your grip strength, as opposed to traditional wraps that only serve to offer support. This is all down to the shorter length and firmer grip required to create the necessary friction to properly complete the lift, which will help you to become a better weightlifter over time.

In addition to that, these wrist wraps are designed to last longer than cotton/fabric types, which makes them fantastic value for money.

On top of that, the leather is also a lot less slippery than fabric, which ensures that you’ll have a firm grip while using them, while the innovative design will be able to evenly distribute the weight over the entirety of the hand to reduce strain. They’re a great option to consider.


  • Technique honing - the innovative design of this wrist strap pair will help you to become a better weight lifter over time, rather than simply offer support.
  • Durable - the tough and durable design will ensure long service life.


  • Advanced - The design may not be ideal for beginners who would like extra support.


If you want a pair of professional wrist wraps that aren’t going to break the bank, then we recommend taking a look at the WARM BODY COLD MIND Wrist Wraps! 

Blending affordability with premium quality, these lifting wrist wraps will ensure that you are able to perform a variety of different Olympic movements including, push press, split jerk, overhead squat, as well as snatch and clean. 

They are super strong and adjustable and are very simple to take on and off, which makes them ideal choices for those that do not have much experience using wrist wraps. To use them, all you will need to do is slide your thumbs through the thumb loops and then wrap them around your wrists - it’s as easy as that! 

This innovative wrist wrap design will also ensure that you have a lower chance of developing any wrist pain. This is because WARM BODY COLD MIND has developed these with a professional understanding of what is required to successfully achieve your Olympic and athletic goals, without causing any unnecessary injuries along the way. 

Regardless of whether you have plans of competing in the Olympics or you simply want a pair of wrist wraps that will help you take your lifting skills to the next level, these WARM BODY COLD MIND Wrist Wraps will ensure that you are able to elevate your weightlifting abilities - without breaking the bank.


  • Budget-friendly - ideal for lifters that don’t want to spend too much money, but still want a quality pair of professional-level wrist wraps 
  • Flexible - the non-restrictive design of these wraps ensures that you’ll be able to move your hands freely without any restriction of motion.


  • Basic design - these wrist wraps may be too basic for advanced lifters


Last but certainly not least, we have selected the Element 26 IsoWraps, which are an ideal choice for those looking to stray away from the traditional wrist wrap design.

There’s a lot to love about the Element 26 IsoWraps. Hailed as a “new kind of wrap” Element 26 IsoWraps are able to provide a fantastic amount of wrist support and pain reduction, without feeling bulky or limiting your range of motion.

Wondering how? Well, designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Element 26 IsoWraps are specifically designed for lifting and are able to support the scaphoid bone, which is the most common area prone to pain and injury while lifting. This contrasts greatly against traditional style wraps, which are much wider in design and unable to focus on this specific area. 

Plus, they’re also suitable for all formal competitions, including the Olympics, so you won’t need to worry about wondering whether or not you’re allowed to use them. On top of that, they’ll even be able to help you increase your Olympic lift movements thanks to the additional stability and pain-reducing capabilities. 

In addition, besides the dizzying heights of the Olympics, Element 26 IsoWraps can also be used for bench pressing, training, and even general gym use, which makes them both versatile and of fantastic value for money. If the dated wrap-around style just isn’t your thing, these are a fantastic alternative. 


  • Alternative design - the non-restrictive and supportive design of these innovative wraps will help to elevate your performance. 
  • Pain-reducing - these wraps are able to target the scaphoid bone, which is the main culprit of all lifting pains and aches.


  • Durability issues - some users have stated that they can “wear out” quickly. 

Best Wrist Wraps For Olympic Weightlifting Buying Guide

Before you go ahead and make a purchase, we recommend taking a few moments to read through this section.

Below, you will find a summary of some of the most important factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a pair of wrist wraps, as these will help to make sure that you buy the right pair for you and your needs.


Though it’s all good and well to make sure that the wrist wraps you purchase will be able to offer you the necessary support needed to prevent strain, this will all be in vain if you do not ensure that they offer you the proper fit.

Seeing as you’re shopping online, we recommend taking a look at the size charts that will be provided by the manufacturer, as this will allow you to take accurate measurements to ensure that the wrist wraps you purchase will fit you perfectly.

On top of that, taking the time to ensure that the size of your wrists and the wraps both add up will ensure that you don’t need to worry about the hassle of getting a replacement further down the line. 


No matter what level you plan on competing, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a pair of wrist straps is what type of material it has been made from.

Generally speaking, it is best to keep an eye out for wrist straps that are made of non-irritating fabrics, as this will ensure that you do not get uncomfortable while using them. In addition to this, we also recommend keeping an eye out for wrist wraps that contain sweat-wicking capabilities.

Due to the strenuous nature of weightlifting, it’s simply no secret that you’re likely to work up a sweat while competing or even training, which is why sweat-wicking wrist wraps are so useful.

Instead of letting the sweat build up and make you feel uncomfortable, the material will instead be able to wick away the moisture from your skin, allowing you to stay cool, comfortable, and, most importantly, focused on hitting your lifting goal. 


Regardless of whether you have plans to compete in the Olympics or you’re currently in training to do so, one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a pair of wrist straps is the level of support.

The main purpose of a pair of wrist straps is to be able to offer you the necessary support to be able to lift the weights with less chance of developing a strain or hurting yourself. Therefore, if this necessary function is lacking, then there will be no point in purchasing them, as you’ll only be wasting your money and potentially putting yourself at risk of getting an injury.

Luckily, all of the wrist straps that we have recommended to you have been created to offer all of the support needed, though this is still an important factor to keep in mind, especially if you’re the type of person that likes to try out different options before settling on one pair.

If you don’t plan on heading down to your local gym store, though, some of the best indications of whether or not a pair of wrist straps will be able to offer you proper support are by checking the flexibility, the material used and, of course, the reviews!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of grip is preferred for Olympic lifting?

Besides choosing the right wrist straps, another important factor that weightlifters need to get right is the grip.

As we’re sure you already know, different types of barbell movements will naturally require different grips, and there are a variety of movements used exclusively in the Olympics. This means that a variety of different grips can be used including close grip, double overhand grip, mixed grip, and hook grip.

Out of all these grips, while competing at the Olympic level, the most popular and preferred type of grip is the hook grip. This grip is very popular because it is used to prevent the barbell from accidentally turning while the lifter is holding it within their hands.

For this reason, it is known to be the most secure grip out of all the other types of grip and is especially popular during the second pull of Olympic lifting. This is because it helps to lower the chance of the athlete pulling their arm and having to retire from the competition prematurely. 

Can Olympic lifters use wrist wraps?

Unlike other sports, weightlifters that plan on competing in the Olympics are allowed to wear certain items of clothing and accessories that can offer support, and this is mainly due to the strenuous nature of weightlifting.

While in competition (including competing at Olympic level) weightlifters will be allowed to wear a belt, shoes designed specifically for weightlifting, knee sleeves, and, indeed, wrist straps. 

How tight should wrist wraps be?

This will entirely depend on your own personal preferences and what feels most comfortable to you. The great thing about wrist wraps is that, more often than not, they are made to be adjustable, which means that you will be able to tailor them to fit specifically to the unique size and shape of your own wrists.

However, as a general rule of thumb, your wrist wraps should always be tight enough that they are able to mold to your wrists and make you feel supported, without feeling uncomfortable or cutting off any circulation. 

Do Olympic weightlifters use wrist wraps? 

Yes and no. Wrist wraps (alongside other supportive clothing items) are allowed to be worn during formal competitions such as the Olympics, although it is not a requirement.

Generally speaking, though, many of the top weightlifters across the glove do choose to wear a pair of wrist wraps while training or competing, and the mains reasons for their choice to do so is because wrist wraps are able to strengthen their wrists and provide support.