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The website contains a listing of all the OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING sites I could find on the Internet. I’ve organized it by starting with Links to Weightlifting in the USA, then expanding to International Weightlifting (with links to European and Commonwealth Weightlifting) and the OLYMPICS. It then continues with Weightlifting Equipment & SponsorsGeneral Weightlifting Sites and ends with some Fitness and Nutrition & Supplement sites.

Feel free to Suggest any useful OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING sites/resources.

USA Weightlifting

Local Weightlifting Committees (LWC)

  • Pacific WeightLifting Association: The PWA covers the State of California from south of Fresno to the Oregon Border and includes 10 Counties in Western Nevada.
  • Idaho Weightlifting: Idaho Weightlifting is Local Weightlifting Committee’s Homepage and a great source for a variety of training routines.
  • Motor City Barbell: USAW Michigan Olympic Weightlifting Homepage.
  • New Jersey Weightlifting: This site contains information about the sport in the state of New Jersey including records, pictures, the Hall of Fame, entries and results.
  • Washington Weightlifting: Washington LWC President Al Reed’s site with information about Washington State Weightlifting.

Regional Training Centers

US WeightLifting Teams, Clubs and Training Sites

  • Calpian Weightlifting Club: From the Seattle Washington area, this club has consistently been among the top three clubs in the Nation every competitive season.
  • Coffee’s Gym: The best Woman’s Team in the United States. This club also includes 4 Male US Olympians.
  • Columbus Weightlifting Club: Hosts of The Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Classic Weightlifting Meet.
  • Devil’s Power: Devils Olympic Training Hall at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey.
  • East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team: ECG, our Nation’s Largest Weightlifting Team, comprised of Athletes and Coaches from all over the North East Region of the USA.
  • McNeese State University: 2001 National Collegiate Weightlifting Champions from Lake Charles, LA.
  • Minnesota High School Weightlifting: Their goal is to provide information on the sport of weightlifting in Minnesota to high school student-athletes and coaches.
  • Nevada Barbell Club: In Reno, Nevada and sponsors of the High Desert Open in July.
  • Pure Strength: Sean Waxman’s Sport Performance Institute in Southern California.
  • Rancho Buena Vista High School: Southern California High School coached by USA Weightlifting Senior International Coach, Mike Burgener.
  • The Sports Palace: The USA’s “TEAM of the 80’s”, the Sports Palace Weightlifting Team, Coached by 3 time US Olympic Coach, Jim Schmitz now has 2 different training locations in San Francisco and South San Francisco, California.
  • Team Beaufort’s Coach Ray Jones: Located Beaufort, SC, a personal coach of Olympians CJ Cummings and Hala Fattouh Paiva, and a team USA Senior International Coach.
  • Team Florida: Information about Olympic Weightlifting in the State of Florida with 25+ Training Centers throughout the State.
  • Team Savannah: One of the most sucessful teams in USA Weightlifting history. Half of the 2000 Olympic Team and the Woman’s Coach came from this Team.
  • Universty of Arizona Olympic Weightlifting Club: This club was formed at the U of A in Tuscon 5 years ago and has been successful in State and Collegiate Competitions.
  • Wichita Falls Atheletic Club: A young club that has already had great success, including winning National Junior Team Titles and placing lifters on the last 2 Junior World Teams.
  • Masters Weightlifting: For athletes (age 35 and older) weightlifting in the USA.

US WeightLifters

  • Sibby Flowers: One of the pioneers in US Women’s Weightlifitng.
  • Cara Heads: 2000 Olympian, 7 time National Champion and multiple American Record Holder who has also produced a manual to Live Like A Champion.
  • Ken Patera: The First American to Clean and Jerk 500 pounds and also the only American to Press 500 pounds!
  • Norik Vardanian: Son of Olympic Weightlifting Champion Yurik Vardanian, makes us question, “Is history about to repeat itself?”.

International Weightlifting Federation

  • International Weightlifting Data: Searchable Database with information about Weightlifters & International Weightlifting competitions by name, type of competition, age group and year.
  • IWF-Masters Weightlifting: Information about Masters (age 35 and older) weightlifting, including schedules, results, qualifying totals and World Records.

European Weightlifting Federation

European Weightlifters

  • Frank Rothwell: 1972 Irish Olympian that won many titles.
  • Andrei Chemerkin: 1996 Olympic Weightlifting Champion and World Record Holder.
  • Marc Huster: 1996 and 2000 Olympic Weightlifting Silver Medalist and World Record Holder.
  • Manfred Nerlinger: 1988 Olympic Weightlifting Silver Medalist and one unlimited clean & jerk world record holder (in 1993).

European Weightlifting Federation Member Federations

Albanian Weightlifting FederationWeightlifting Federation of Armenia
Austrian Weightlifting FederationAzerbaijan Weightlifting Federation
Royal Belgium Weightlifting FederationWeightlifting Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Belarusian Weightlifting FederationBulgarian Weightlifting Federation
Croatia Weightlifting FederationCyprus Weightlifting Federation
Czech Weightlifting FederationDanish Weightlifting Federation
Spanish Weightlifting FederationEstonian Weightlifting Federation
Finnish Weightlifting FederationFrench Weightlifting Federation
British Weight LiftingWeightlifting Federation of Georgia
German Weightlifting FederationHellenic Weightlifting Federation (Greece)
Hungarian Weightlifting FederationWeightlifting Ireland
Icelandic Weightlifting FederationIsrael Weightlifting Federation
Italian Weightlifting FederationKosovo Weightlifting Federation
Weightlifting Federation of LatviaLithuanian Weightlifting Federation
Weightlifting Federation LuxembourgWeightlifting Federation of Republic of Moldova
Malta Weightlifting AssociationMonaco Weightlifting Federation
Dutch Weightlifting AssociationNorwegian Weightlifting Federation
Polish Weightlifting FederationPortuguese Weightlifting Federation
Romanian Weightlifting FederationRussian Weightlifting Federation
Slovenian Weightlifting FederationSan Marino Weightlifting Federation
Serbian Weightlifting FederationFSHA / SAGV Switzerland Weightlifting Federation
Slovak Weightlifting FederationSwedish Weightlifting Federation
Turkish Weightlifting FederationUkrainian Weightlifting Federation

Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation

Oceania WeightLifting Federation

  • Australian Weightlifting Federation: The governing body for the sport of Weightlifting in Australia.
  • Cougars Weightlifting Club: The largest and the one of the best equipped weightlifting facility in Australia. Have represented Australia at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships.
  • Weightlifting ACT: A member of the Australian Weightlifting Federation. Seeks to provide as many opportunities as possible for individuals to participate in the sport of weightlifting within the Canberra region.
  • NT Weightlifting Association: The home of Northern Territory Weightlifting Association.
  • NSW Weightlifting Association: One of the driving force behind the sport of weightlifting in Australia.
  • QLD Weightlifting Association: With results records and rankings from the Australian and Oceania region, along with video clips of Australian record attempts and much more.
  • SA Weightlifting Association: The home of Southern Australian Weightlifting Association.
  • Phoenix Weightlifting Club: Located in the suburb of Oakleigh, in Melbourne. A not-for-profit Olympic Weightlifting club for all levels, from beginner to elite.
  • VIC Weightlifting Association: A non-for-profit State Sporting Association for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Was founded as an amateur weightlifting association in 1920.
  • Weightlifting TAS: The home of Tasmania Weightlifting Inc..
  • Weightlifting WA: The home of Weightlifting Western Australia Inc..

Canadian WeightLifting

The International Olympic Committee

  • Atlanta 1996: The Centennial Olympic Games were the site of the Greatest Weightlifting Competition ever held.
  • Sydney 2000: The Official site of the first Summer Games of the next millennium are also The First Olympic Games to include Women’s Weightlifting.
  • Athens 2004: There will be another Olympic Games in the Birthplace of the Olympics that is now a power in Olympic Weightlifting. But since the Organizing Committee of those Games have threatened to sue me, you will have to find that link on your own.

Weightlifting Equipment & Sponsors

ADIDAS : These are the Shoes, Lifting Suits, etc worn by most of the World’s best Lifters. This is Adidas’ official site.

Dynamic Fitness: US Distributor of Elieko and Adidas Weightlifting equipment. Also the home of “Sportivny Press The Russian Weightlifting Library”

ELEIKO SPORT AB : Makers of the Best Barbells in the World.

Ivanko: Manufactors of Bars, Weights and other Weightlifting equipment.

Mavrik Barbell: Mavrik has been the source for durable weightlifting bumpers and bars for almost three decades.

Uesaka Barbell: Japanese Barbell Company that has been used in 4 different Olympic Games.

Werksan USA: Official Barbell of USA Weightlifting and certified by the IWF.

York Barbell : The Strongest Name in Fitness and the best Barbell made in the USA.


An organization and magazine that promotes the use of the Olympic Lifts for High School Athletes and conducts hundreds of clinics through out the USA.

A great source for historic videos and data with a searchable database.

Original articles covering a range of topics from weightlifting biomechanics, injury susceptibility in sport, weightlifting training and weightlifting sports science. And translations of weightlifting research from Russia covering training, technique, biomechanics, restoration, and so forth.

Sellers of Weightlifting Videos and Equipment. Publishers of Milo Magazine.

An archived version of John V. Askem’s classic instructional site.

Founded in 1978, The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is a nonprofit association dedicated to advancing the strength and conditioning and related sport science professions around the world.

Muscle Physiology Lab at the University of California, San Diego. Basic to advanced information on Human Physiology.

This international scientific conference aims to present and discuss the latest research in strength training. The 12th Conference will take place on September 26-29, 2023 at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Highlights American lifters and their accomplishments with photographs of star performers, their backgrounds, achievements and actual trophies form World Championships and Olympic Games since 1923.

Provide various training programs including Olympic Powerlifting, outdoors, group fitness, intramural sports and so on.

Proudly made in the United States, aiming for creating healthier, happier, more energetic lifestyles through the expert development and distribution of premium, cost-effective nutritional supplements.